Building Management System

Emkay has years of experience in Controls and Service, possessing both the knowledge and capability to exceed expectations for your facility’s needs. The flexible facility management solutions combined with a proven track record of success allows us to offer services that better equip our clients to Control, Operate, Optimize, and Maintain building performance.

Our Services

  • Entry Gate Security
  • Parking Solution
  • Energy Management System
  • Lighting Management System
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Access Control
  • Building Fire Control
  • Central Cooling System
  • Solar Energy.


Our Market

  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Civic and Government
  • Commercial and Office
  • Cultural
  • Education
  • Health and Science
  • Hospitality
  • Industry and Factory
  • Mixed Use
  • Residential
  • Sports and Assembly


Emkay’s support solutions can help you to reduce owning and operating costs for one facility as well as thousands. Whether it’s startup, preventative maintenance or emergency service, our diversely talented and knowledgeable technicians give you the competitive advantage of a partner that understands and services your entire building system.



Our Experts

B.Sc in Electrical

Nirob Dhilon Chowdhury

B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
B.Sc in Electrical Engineering

Engr. Md. Soleman Mia

B.Sc in Electrical Engineering