Corporate Social Responsibility


Conservation Of Vultures

Our Business Motivation is to conduct transparent business operations based on market mechanism within the legal, ethical & social framework with aims to attain the mission reflected by our vision. We scale-up CSR activities to consider the interests of our external & internal stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, society, government etc. and ecological & ethical considerations in all aspects of operations. Emkay is one of the pioneers who are working in conservation of Vultures. Vultures are in extinct position from Bangladesh; Vultures are losing lives due to Diclofenac. Diclofenac is a medicine used in domestic animals. Usually, when these animals are dead, Vulture takes the flesh from it. This damages the kidney of a vulture as the dead flesh of these domestic animals are contaminated with Diclofenac. Thus it concludes a huge loss of lives of Vultures. Emkay  has taken initiatives to conserve Vultures. We are running these projects in Sylhet and North Bengal. Other than Vulture conservation, we are serving orphans, funding Madrasas and sponsoring children for better education. We are trying our level best to provide the best input for a better future. Emkay’s activity goes well beyond the sphere of business. As socially conscious and responsible corporate body Emkay is committed to the improvement of the society as a whole.